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All of our Bull Terrier puppies are within the highest quality and standards possible. All of our adults were carefully selected based on their working ability, health, temperament, and conformation. 
All Standard BT's are AKC registered. AKC Registration paperwork is presented to each customer during the time of sale, as well as the shot record for the puppy. In order to keep our reputation we have established with years of hard work in our program, producing top of the line Bull Terriers, we reserve the right to deal only with "limited rights". If you have an interest to show or breed, arrangements for full registration rights to breed and show for you need to be established beforehand-this is at our discretion and will involve a co-ownership & a higher rate.
All Miniature Bull Terriers will not be AKC registered! They are gorgeous high quality minis!!!! The best in the west.

                                             ********CONTACT US DIRECTLY FOR ALL DETAILS*************

Interested in doing sport or having your pup/dog obedience trained? Contact us to get started. 

We expect all to have high drives yet be balanced and very handler oriented!! Color or size does not matter-we establish for working ability, health & temperament! Call for details. 

We have one of the most genetically correct bloodlines in America; working bloodlines, used for Hunting Lions & Bears, PP & Sport. We DO NOT have the genetic problems the show lines carry. Keep checking back for updates. These will be extremely athletic, high drive, of all colors that will be well suited for active families as well as Hunting, PP & Sport, i.e. PSA/French Ring. They are tattooed, vaccinated, dewormed, and guaranteed. All are exposed to our children, the outdoors, slick floors, loud noises and other animals (horses, goats, chickens and dogs). Care will be centered inside AND out. Keep in mind our dogs are inside as well as outside. We are licensed and inspected by the county. All our dogs have excellent temperaments and are great with our family and welcomed guests. Please email or call us for any other details and with any other questions or to make an appointment to come see the family!
An appointment is necessary as the breeding facility is in Phoenix. 
Email: wastelandbullies@gmail.com