Stud Dogs

This page is to share with all of our clients, and friends! These are dogs that we have produced and are proud of.  Our working pictures and videos are of our Bull Terriers and our APBTs. 
We are very proud of Soot-he just titled!!!!!!! Soot now has his PSA PDC, CCDL BST/WST, OB & PP, CGC
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Hey you guys how are you? We are doing good and Hades is doing awesome! she is the best dog ever! I (Gina) am currently not working so I am at home all day with her and have been practicing different tricks with her. She knows how to; sit, shake, lay down, roll over, play dead, and speak and listens to us when we tell her to go in her kennel when it's time to go to bed or we have to run an errand. She is super smart and such a beautiful girl. People stop us on our walks to check her out and she gets so much attention when we take her to the vet. It's funny the vet we take her to take pictures for all the different hollidays then we get postcards in the mail and have a pictures of her on our fridge of her with a big red heart for Valentines day, in a green hat with a green heart for St. Patricks Day, and Easter ears for her easter picture. We have been socializing Hades with all kinds of people and she definitely loves people. She does really well with not biting or jumping on Josh and me because iif she is biting we will get her something appropriate to bite on or if she is jumping we tell her to get off and if that doesn't work after saying it a few times she thinks we are playing we totally ignore her or leave the room until she calms down. She is completely potty trained and has been for awhile. The cats are still not to sure about her so who knows when they will come around. They are doing better with her everyday though. Her and Venom the munchkin had a moment where there noses touced and there wasn't any barking or hissing and then they both went their separate ways so things are getting better with them and I am sure in no time they will love each other. Sorry this is getting so long! I attached some pictures of her and some for you to see of our cats! Hope all is well with you guys! Take care!
Gina and Josh

Hi Nicole. I hope all is good in Maricopa. We are thoroughly enjoying being Delaney's people. She is so sweet. She graduated from Petsmart obedience class last fall and will be starting a more intense class at Partners in Cave Creek in March. She needs it! Stubborn Bullie! We take her out with us alot and she goes to day care at least once a week. She absolutely loves it. They have an acre for the pups to play and they aren't crated. She comes home in a coma. And a tired dog is a good dog. 

 Joe & Dawn Caraway
Bodie is doing so well.  We go for hikes all the time. He is able to go without a leash which I thought we would never be able to do.  He also loves to swim in the river, are you sure he doesnt have a little bit of lab in him? haha. He also gets alot of attention since it is rare to see bull terriers.  The kids & I took him for a walk downtown on a busy night this summer & we counted 38 people who either stopped & pet him or made a comment about him.  He's such a sweety & snuggler as well.  I attached a photo of him hiking with me this summer.  It was a rare shot since it is hard to get him to slow down enough to pose for a picture but I did manage to get a good one.


Hey Nicole. Its good to hear from you. That's such a good picture of his dad. He's beautiful. Sox is doing great. I will take a picture and send it to you as soon as I can. Talk to you soon

My other love:horses! This is Flea, our 15year old Arabian gelding!
Bart & Maggie in the British Virgin Islands with our good friend Doug and his wonderful Family! 
I know the dogs are spoiled -that's for sure!

Thanks Doug!!!!
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This is Roy! He is spoiled & loved by his mommy & daddy!!!!
Josey with the Cobb's! We know she will have a wonderful life being spoiled rotten with her new family. Conrats to Lew & Darleena